Our team here at Jumpstarters is filled with SUPER PASSIONATE CREATIVES who get to do what they LOVE everyday and part of that involves making sure that the creatives we are serving get taken care of so they can get to do more of what they LOVE everyday! 

Michael Gebben

AKA "GEBBS" the founder of of Jumpstarters! Bringing the GEBBS JUICE daily ;)

Chief ENERGY of Officer! 


Ash Forrest

Ash!! One of the most talented artists around but around Jumpstarters she is the one who makes sure ALL Content get's released! Without Ash who knows if anyone would ever see any public content! ROCKSTAR!!

Chris Van De Hey

#Van De HEY as we like to call him :) is the lead videographer & also edits for Jumpstarters! This guy LOVES his pizza & goes all the way to New York to get it!

Seth Steinacher

Mr. SETH is the main editor for Jumpstarters bringing all the magic to LIFE!

Ryan Hanlon

Old Man HANLON....With his LOVE for the outdoors and the dragstrip he bring his DRIVE to the crew making sure everyone stays FOCUSED & on track!

Alan Shawgo

The one and only Alan Shawgo has a HEART of gold! He is the lead photographer bringing all the events to life one frame at a time!