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Speaking & Workshops  

 Since the mid-2000’s I have been building my career as a creative professional. From mom and pop shops to Netflix, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, the Number ONE Doubles Players in Tennis The Brian Brothers, I have worked with a full gamut of clients. I love to share my good, bad and ugly experiences from growing my video production company in hopes that I can inspire young creatives, struggling entrepreneurs and successful business leaders looking to take things to the next level  

 With a “video/business” degree from the school of hard knocks, I grew my video production company from basement freelancer to multiple six figures employing multiple people and traveling the world filming celebrities, top athletes, and anyone in between. Along the way I gathered nugget after nugget of hard earned wisdom from both the good and bad experiences. I find great joy in sharing my knowledge and experiences with creative students, freelancers and successful entrepreneurs in an effort to help people learn things “the easy way” through lessons taught by another.  

 I am passionate about people having CLARITY and I have cracked the CLARITY code for creatives/entrepreneurs and I am ready to share. My lectures are filled with candid stories of my successes and failures, intermingled with plenty of humor to help inspire, motivate and grow the audience.  

I have been privileged to speak at venues around the world as well as numerous universities and corporate events.  

Some examples of past talks include:  

Burn Your Gear (lessons learned in the trenches of the video industry).  

People Skills Matter (a detailed guide to having the right people/communication to get work & succeed in this highly competitive market).  

How to Grow Your Production Business without Losing your Money or your Mind (guidance and direction for freelancers and production companies looking to streamline/simplify their business).  

The Wizard not the Wand (what creatives need in place in addition to their “tech” to land them their next great opportunity).  

Should I Bite the Bullet (should one go from employee to full-time freelancer).  

I am willing to speak on whatever topic fits your venue. Drop me a line. Let’s brainstorm a great topic will be for your next event!