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What If YOU Could Make MORE Money with LESS Stress? 

I'm in YOUR corner at every move... 

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"Coach in Your Pocket".

"Coach in YOUR Pocket" 

(One on One Coaching)

  • Not just another Course! 
  • Not your typical Coaching Service! 
  • Not another NON Video Professional "Coach" telling you what to do!
  • Not another Group Coaching Program where you wait in a queue to get your questions answered! 

THIS is SUPPORT when you NEED it most. 

NOT enough time in your schedule for "normal" COACHING...not an issue here...

I GET it showing up to Scheduled 60-90 min Calls anywhere between 1-4x a month is DIFFICULT. That's not a problem with "Coach in YOUR Pocket" because there is ONLY ONE Deep Dive scheduled call. It's all done going back & forth in audio messages via a special app. This is SUPER EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT as you send messages at anytime and listen back to the responses multiple times!

This isn't some cookie cutter one size fits all approach. It's PERSONLIZED to YOU! 

You will get Support & Guidance on a "Daily" basis from someone who has been self employed and in the video business generating 6 figures for over 13 years & YOU will have NO NEED to schedule calls to get this support. Which means a quick question you need help with won't have to wait two weeks and take 90 minutes on a call to get answered. You send over your question and receive an in depth response that will be sure to keep you moving forward with CONFIDENCE! Read on to learn more!!!!

"Coach in Your Pocket" Client Example

Below is an example back and forth exchange with a "Coach in Your Pocket" Client. He was not sure how to price a project that had just popped up. It almost sounds as if this was a phone conversation but these were actually voice messages sent back and forth over a period of a few hours using the "Coach in Your Pocket" app.

Does This Sound Like You?

Right now, you don't know where to begin...

  • You don't know where to go find more clients...
  • You don't know what you should be charging...
  • You either have feast or famine in your business...
  • Sometimes you get to work on AWESOME projects but most times you don't...
  • You are charging hourly for your work but there is a ceiling to what you can charge... 

or you migh be further along in your career and now...

  • You have built a "prison" where you have no FREEDOM!
  • You are super stressed, overwhelmed, and it's ruining relationships!
  • You are doing everything yourself to run your business & it's draining YOU!
  • You want to get help but "you can't afford it"!
  • You are afraid to outsource things because no one will do it better than YOU!

Business can be lonely and finding someone who get's you and understands what you're going through can be just what is needed to accelerate your business & lift a weight off your shoulders!

Just Imagine...

  • On a Monday you get an e-mail from a not so happy client and you don't know how to deal with it! Frustrated, you reach out and get help on how to respond to the client so everyone is happy. 

  • Or you just had an INSANELY juicy idea (possible shiny object moment) for a new business on a Tuesday afternoon and need to run it by someone who won't crush your dreams, you reach out and get a plan of how to proceed forward.

  • Or maybe on a Thursday morning you had the 10th potential client in a row not book you and you just need to figure what you might be doing wrong, you reach out & get a pep talk, & get action-items moving forward make your mindset rock solid. 

  • Or on a Friday afternoon you're planning the next week's goals and you need a strategic focus to help you meet your goals, you reach out and you get an entire reverse engineered response on goal-setting.  

So ask yourself this...

  • How would your business change if you had support daily from someone, who has been in the same exact place as you, to bounce ideas off of?  

  • How would daily check-ins with a business/mindset strategist change your business? 


  • What if you could "pick the brain" of someone who has grossed over 2 Million Dollars in video business, I don' t say that to impress but rather to impress upon you that ANYTHING is possible! 

  • Someone who has grown a video production company living in small town of around 26,000 people, didn't go to college, had tons of people tell him he wouldn't succeed, shooting EVERYTHING from dance recitals, graduations, funerals, church services, commercials, music videos, weddings, sports etc...

  • Get the support from someone who was able to find the FOCUS, CLARITY, and CONFIDENCE which allowed me to travel the world shooting over 300 wedding specializing in Same Day Edits and after that reaching the "unreachable" and getting to film for Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Josh Shipp, Jayson Gaignard, Pat Flynn, Social Media Marketing World and SO MANY Others?  

  • How would that type of direct access change your business?
Schedule a Call to Chat about
"Coach in Your Pocket".

Hear what clients are saying about the IMPACT my coaching has had on them! 

Has been featured in:

This Was Me Just 10 Years Ago...

I was struggling to figure out how to charge more than $500 for a project that I would spend weeks on...

I started to make descent money but I was working 24/7. I was VERY distracted doing every type of project that came my way from dance recitals, graduations, church services, music videos, film transfers to DVD, weddings, commercials, even photoshop jobs. At one point in time I was over 9 months behind delivering peoples wedding videos & I was so stressed I didn't even want to answer the phone or go out to the movies because I thought a bride or her family would see me and chew me out for not delivering their wedding videos yet...

In 2010 I literally almost quit because I was so fed up and realized that the life I was living was NOT the life I thought I would have when I started my business back in 2006.

I KNEW something needed to change or I was DONE!

I started taking risks...because I had nothing to lose. Than I made a couple big shifts in my business & everything CLICKED! I finally unlocked the key to more fun, more freedom, more money, better clients, and a business that I LOVED!

My Life Radically Changed

After having my breakthrough in 2011, over the next 24 months my company went from never billing more than $160,000 in a year for the first 5 years to billing almost $275,000 in 2011 to almost $400,000 in 2012. Within months of gaining massive CLARITY & CONFIDENCE in my life I started working with people (pictured below) like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson (been to his private necker island 4 times), Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Jayson Gaignard, and many others. 

It wasn't ALL rainbows & butterfly though...there have been MANY up & downs through the years that I have so many patterns I've been able to see. Also navigating through multiple partnerships, hiring employees & freelancers has taught me so much about the power of getting help in areas that you are WEAK! Alignment in business is VERY important to SUCCESS. Finding it can be the hard part if you are doing it alone...

and if you are curious to see a video I did for one of the above people, my favorite video to share is the one I did for Tony Robbins 6 Day (15 hours a day) Date with Destiny Event. It was an intense project we filmed with 3 people & and over 60 hours of footage to edit.

What exactly does "Coach in YOUR Pocket" entail?

The GOAL is to guide YOU & get you: 

UNSTUCK so that you can FEEL a weight LIFT off your shoulders!

Move forward with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE in what are the right actions to take for YOU and your personality type. 

With this new found Clarity & Confidence you will be able to get better clients/projects, charge more money, & have more FREEDOM & FUN!

YOU wil get:

  • An initial 4 Hour Jumpstart Session to dive deep into your story, figure out what the biggest blocks are that a holding you back, an get a game plan to move forward with.

  • Direct ACCESS to me (not some random person) Monday - Friday 9-5pm CST which is when you will receive the quickest response time. You can still send messages when something "hits" you in the evenings and weekends. I just will be slower to respond (FAMILY TIME)! Typical response time is 24-48 hours.

  • Unlimited Daily "Check-Ins" (Questions or thoughts you can ask/share with me).  

  • Me asking you questions to learn more about YOU & YOUR situation so that I can BEST guide YOU personally!

  • Access to my professional network. When I can't provide an answer, I will find it.

  • Access to my network of trusted shooters & editors.

  • Feedback, Encouragement, and Business Strategies Personalized to YOU and Your Business.

Let Me Help You Transform Your Life & Business!  

"I can't believe I almost passed up on this opportunity... This is one of the BEST decisions I've ever made!"

I know most videographers & filmmakers have either NOT experienced coaching before or have potentially NOT had a good experience with a coach. So it is my MAIN Objective to give you an INCREDIBLE Coaching EXPERIENCE!!

I've helped people in the first week who had a job they were submitting a proposal for charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars more to thousands of dollars more on a project just by sharing with me the opportunity and me helping them think differently about how to price it!

I BELIEVE that there are a lot of nuances in business & answers to questions aren't always black & white.  

People really need the context (IT REALLY MATTERS) of YOUR current situation to give you the BEST advice.  

So if you are worried you won't know what to ask me to get the BEST advice/answers out of me. Don't worry...  

I will provide you with over 50 different prompts like these to ask me:

1. Should I hire someone?  

2. How should I package my services?  

3. How should I price my services? (This one could help you charge hundreds or thousands more on a project!)

4. Should I have contracts?  

5. Should I have proposals?  

6. Should I quit my job?  

8. How to charge for traveling jobs?  

9. How do I deal with an upset client? 

10. What niche should I be in?

I will dig into your EXACT situation and give you personalized feedback that will be UNIQUE to YOU. 

There are over 40 more like the above that I provide

PLUS anything that you want to ask. If I don't have the answer, I most likely KNOW someone who does...