Mindset/Business Coaching for Filmmakers & Videographers 

Are you working a ton of hours without much profit to show for it? Do you feel stuck and unsure how to grow? Is your freelance business bursting at the seems but you feel afraid to take it to the next level? I feel you. I’ve been in your shoes. I can help. The image below is the process I go through with my clients to help them achieve breakthroughs in their life!

I was so sick of all the Courses, Books, & Trainings out there where you are essentially left to figure it all out on your own. The other thing I was finding is that there are a ton of coaches out there who have NO UNDERSTAND of film & video. So I created what I wish I could find and I’m here to help filmmakers & videographers to:  

Stop feeling Overwhelmed, Confused, Stuck, & Unclear!  

Let me help you:  

  • Start getting Paid More! 
  • Have more Fun!
  • Have more Freedom!
  • Have more Confidence!
  • Have MORE Clarity about the right actions to take for YOU! 
  • No more figure it out on your own, GET PERSONAL GUIDANCE!  

A lot of coaches give you prescriptions that work for themselves but not the you…I only care about what’s right for YOU! Anything is Possible…It’s just a matter of having the right personal guidance, believing, and taking action or as I like to say M.I.A. (Massive Imperfect Action).  

If you haven't read my background Click Here  

Some of the offering we have here at Jumpstarters for Personal One on One or Group Guidance is:

1. Do a FREE Jumpstart Session. 

This is where you get a 60 minute session with me (Michael Gebben) where will dive deep with as much as we can in 60 minutes to help you gain CLARITY around things like: pricing, packaging, niche, your sweet spot, getting more clients etc. Watch/Listen to prior episodes of Jumpstart Sessions by Clicking Here.

2. A "Coach in Your Pocket" One on One Coaching

This gives you access mon-friday to me (Michael Gebben) via a Walkie Talkie App called Voxer. We communicate as much daily via audio messages. So that when you have an issue or need support you don't have to go at it alone! Watch a Video of a Client who almost didn't sign up because he didn't understand how it would work. Click Here to Watch! You can start a FREE 30 Day Trial and learn more by Clicking Here.

3. Go to a LIVE Jumpstarters Experience.

This is our 3x per year Small Group 2 Day Event (or as we like to call it an Experience). Here you will get to dive deep with your peers and see that you are no alone in what you are going through! Watch a Sample by Clicking Here. Join the Waitlist for the next event by Clicking Here.

4. Do a One on One Accelerator Day.

This is for people who don't want to wait for the next group event and want to move FAST! We spend one FULL Day together to really "compress decades into a day" and after that day is over you have my support for the next year on a weekly basis as "Coach in Your Pocket"! Some of my biggest Success Stories have come out of these days. If you don't want to waste time, if you are sick & tired of being sick & tired...than this is for YOU! Watch this Story of Ronnie who went from pretty much zero revenue to a $50,000 contract within 6 months of doing an Accelerator Day. Click Here to Watch. If you are interested in doing an Accelerator Day Click Here to Inquire.

All that being said, what am I really passionate about? I love to train and mentor creative professionals. I can help you gain clarity around business, reduce your stress and earn more profit. I am a business “alignment” and optimization addict. I have a deep understanding of positioning, marketing and sales strategies in the creative industry. I understand your clients, how they think and can help you navigate relationships & business opportunities so you don’t get distracted with things that aren’t a right fit for you. Best of all, I am down to earth and eager to help.  

Drop me a line. I’ll help you make more money, work smarter and reduce your stress.

Contact us with Questions.

Below is a video from one of our 3x per year 2 Day Jumpstarters Experience Events!!

The picture below is from one of our 3x per year 2 Day Jumpstarters Experience Events!!